About Tutorialist.net

Through this website we want to promote original and documented researches about technical subjects you are interested in. If you are a researcher or a student that wants to be found on the knowledge base of internet for subjects you researched and have been documenting since some time then this is the place you should submit your researches.

How it works:

  1. You create an account through one social network account you already use (in the left upper corner “Log in”)
  2. Let us know through the contact form about your intentions of submitting an original, researched and documented article on this website (so that we can grant you with author permissions)
  3. Wait until we answer to your request
  4. After you’ve received the approval you can submit your article through a special web form (we send you a tutorial with step by step info)
  5. We review your article
  6. We will approve or not your article

Note 1: Through the reviewing process we will contact you to let you know about what is ok or not ok with your article !

Note 2: Each article is published after it is reviewed !

Note 3: Each article has a maximum of 3 Ads through the AdSense Google Program. If the author of an article has an active AdSense account then he can add the “PUB ID” and the “AD SLOT ID” to the profile. After successful profile edit for AdSense ID’s, in each article AdSense Ads will be displayed based on certain frequency appearance (frequency explainde in Note 4)

Note 4: In each article the frequency of AdSense Ads PUB ID’s are displayed as follows: 60% for authors ads, 20% for reviewers ads, 20% for web maintainers ads.

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